DHIS2 Instance

We call an active running DHIS2 system an instance. The DHIS2 core needs a Java Runtime Environment to run in addition to a couple of other dependencies. It's far from trivial to create and deploy a production ready DHIS2 instance.

In order to run a reliable and scalable DHIS2 system we need:

  • Human resources with skills in relevant technologies such as web servers and database systems.
  • Reliable backup of your system including safe storage at a remote server.
  • Use of SSL (HTTPS / encryption) to keep private information like passwords secure.
  • Monitoring of server resources and application performance.
  • Stable and high-speed Internet connectivity.
  • Stable power supply including a backup power solution.
  • Secure server environment to avoid unauthorized access, theft and fire.
  • Powerful hardware with potential for scaling together with increased system usage.

Cloud hosting

The DHIS2 web page lists a couple of service providers that provide the DHIS2 software as a service in the cloud.

We can start using these systems immediately and expect the service provider to install and maintain our systems.