Individual Assignments

During the first weeks of the semester, two mandatory individual assignments must be completed. The first assignment focuses on fundamental HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ajax, while the second assignment involves a simple React app where you use the DHIS2 Application Platform.

Both of these assignments are graded as pass or fail. They do not impact your final grade, but must be passed in order to be allowed to participate in the group project and the final exam.

Available assignments


All assignments must be submitted in Devilry.

Extended deadline

If you need an extended deadline you can do so by sending an e-mail to before the original deadline. You will then get an extension of 3 calendar days. If you need more than 3 days, eg. due to longterm illness, you can contact the study administration ( with a documented reason for why you need an extended deadline. If you need an extended deadline after the original deadline you also have to contact the study administration. See the guidelines for mandatory assignments.