Mandatory Assignment 1

Assignment summary

Through this first mandatory individual assignment, you will get hands-on practice with basic front-end web programming and the use of application programming interfaces (APIs). We will start off with a small web page using HTML and CSS before we move on to JavaScript.

Deadline: 04.09.2020 in Devilry

Most of the fundamental knowledge is covered in this online part of the course, but some assignments require you to explore additional resources on the web. Here, links are provided. Also, just as with all types of programming, Google might be a good companion.


  • No use of frameworks or design systems (such as bootstrap) is allowed in this assignment (except jquery).


Submission in Devilry before 23:59 on the deadline date. Upload one zip-file named after your UiO username, containing one folder for each part. Each folder should contain all files necessary to run your solution to the assignment in the browser.


As the group teachers will be using Google Chrome for testing, make sure your solutions work well in this browser. Otherwise, there are no requirements for compatibility with older browsers.