Mandatory Assignment 2

Assignment summary

Through this second mandatory individual assignment, you will get hands-on practice with React, the DHIS2 application platform, the DHIS2 app runtime and the official DHIS2 React user interface library.

Deadline: 25.09.2020 in Devilry

Most of the fundamental knowledge is covered in this online part of the course, but some assignments require you to explore additional resources on the web.

Starting point

This assignment requires you to download a .zip file with a project using the DHIS2 application platform. We've written the basic layout for you, and expect you to create several more React components in order to complete this assignment.


Submission in Devilry before 23:59 on the deadline date. Upload a zip-file containing all of your code excluding the files and folders in the .gitignore file. We have provided a command that automatically generates this .zip file as long as you're using Git for this app.

yarn create-archive


Your solution should work in Google Chrome, and must also pass the automated tests that are provided in the .zip file that serves as your starting point.

Finished assignment